Toddler Dies Following Dental Procedure


An investigation is underway after a toddler died after a visit to the dentist.

On March 29, 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres went to Austin Children's Dentistry for a routine procedure. However, the appointment took an awful turn when Daisy was rushed to North Austin Medical Center when she stopped breathing after receiving anesthesia.

"Daisy was a happy baby full of life," Jessica Castaneda, Daisy’s aunt, told Statesman Media. "She had just celebrated Easter with her family. She went to the dentist. Then her mother called me and asked me to pray because something went wrong and they were taking her to the hospital. Next thing we know, we’re planning funeral arrangements."

Janice Hernandez was in the waiting room with her daughter when Daisy was sent to the hospital. Her child was also awaiting a procedure that needed anesthesia. She told KXAN that she will no longer send her kids to Austin Children’s Dentistry.

 "You immediately as a parent put yourself in those shoes,” said Hernandez. "You don’t want to think about it but it’s possible. It can happen to anybody’s kid."

Sarah Marshall, spokeswoman for Austin Children’s Dentistry, said Daisy underwent a standard procedure and a doctor and an anesthesiologist were in the room at the time of the incident.

Family members have fond memories of the 14-month-old, and are distraught at the fact her life ended at a dentist appointment.

"Happy, healthy,” Dennise Carrizales, another of Daisy’s aunts, told KPRC News.. “She was dancing and laughing and smiling. I've got three of my own and I can't even try to put myself in [my sister's] shoes."

"We are absolutely devastated," said Elizandro Torres. "She was our little baby girl. She was just going to the dentist and she never came home."

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is investigating information from the medical examiner’s office, dental records, and anyone who was at the dental office during the incident.

"We have questions," Castaneda said. "We want to know what happened."

Sources: Statesman Media, KXAN News, KPRC News / Photo credit: Time Warner Cable

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