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One-In-A-Million Twins Born With Different Skin Colors (Photos)

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A mother recently gave birth to twin girls that turned out to be one-in-a-million – with one being born black and the other born white.

Thanks to a rare genetic quirk, 24-year-old Curtis Martin and 28-year-old Rebecca Horton’s twin girls, Kendall and Baylee, each inherited one parent’s genes. Kendall inherited genes for black skin that were passed on by his half-Jamaican father, while Baylee inherited genes for white skin.

The girls’ parents said that the pair, while born on the same day, couldn’t be any more different. Kendall, according to Horton, is laid back and enjoys sleeping. Baylee, on the other hands, as described as “loud and needy.”

“‘When people look in the pram and see that one is darker than the other, they will sometimes be a bit thrown and ask if they are twins,” Horton said. “They are shocked when we say yes.”

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Martin said that people generally adore their children and they rarely get comments from others.

“Everybody loves them. We’ve got used to it but you hear people whisper as we walk past,” he said. “If I saw them out, I don’t think I’d believe they were related.”

The parents, who also have a five-year-old son named Coby, said that they knew from early on to expect twins, but they never expected such a rare outcome. “When they were born, we kept staring at both of them – we couldn’t believe it,” Horton said. “‘It was a lovely feeling and a big shock. One thing I know for sure is that family and friends won’t ever struggle to tell them apart.”

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