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Parents Open About Heroin Epidemic After Son Dies From Overdose

A family is opening up about the tragic death of their son who died of a heroin overdose.

Adam Moser, 27, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, died of a heroin overdose on Sept. 19, My Fox Boston reports. The state is now on track to surpass last year’s heroin-related death toll of 320.

“A kid who was well loved and liked, and intelligent, and it killed him,” Jeanne Moser, Adam’s mother, told My Fox Boston.

Adam’s parents, Jeanne and Jim Moser, wrote an honest obituary about their son. They wrote that he made a “bad decision” and warned others that “there’s no turning back, no do overs.”

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“Please stop before you or a loved one thinks that no drug is too powerful,” they wrote.

Buddy Phaneuf, who owns one of the largest funeral and cremation firms in the northeast, said they’ve worked with more than 50 heroin-related deaths this year alone.

“Whether it be our online obituary pages or Facebook or Twitter or other avenues to really say, yes, our family member has passed away, it's very sad, but he or she was a heroin abuser,” Phaneuf said.

“One and done – that’s my message,” Jim said. “This isn’t a weekend joy ride. This kills.”

Jeanne and Jim wrote Adam's obituary after reading an obituary written by Tom Parks last April, after Parks lost his daughter Molly to heroin as well.

“She loved to read. She loved theater. She loved old movies. And she loved heroin,” her obituary read. “At the end, that's what killed her.”

Parks said the obituary, which went viral on social media, was meant to raise awareness about the dangers of addiction.

“We wanted people to know that people are dying of addiction, heroin addiction namely, and it’s killing a lot of young people,” Parks said. “Every time I see one, it tears a little piece of my heart out.

“We have to remove the stigma so that people can get help and somebody does something. Because we are losing a whole generation.”

Sources: My Fox Boston, Seacoast Online / Photo Credit: Deb Cram/Seacoast Online, My Fox Boston


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