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Conjoined Twins See Each Other For First Time

After being conjoined at the head for 13 months, twin baby boys Jadan and Anias McDonald got to see each other for the first time.

The twins underwent a 27-hour operation in October to be separated, the Daily Mail reported.

A photo captured the moment they stared at each other in surprise for the first time.

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Jadon and Anias are currently recovering. While Jadon is doing well and is ready to be moved on, Anias is reportedly having some difficulty with infections.

“Separating the two is probably not a good idea at this point,” said Dr. James Goodrich, who performed the operation, the Mail reported.

Mother Nicole and father Christian were present when Jadon’s bandages were removed for the first time, revealing a perfectly formed head.

“It’s the most amazing thing,” Nicole said, according to WPIX. “I just can’t even believe it. And look at his little hair. On top, it’s growing in!”

She posted on Facebook about the first time she got to hold him.

“For over 13 months, I've dreamed of this moment,” Nicole wrote, the Mail reported.

“I looked down at Jadon's angelic face and saw him in a way I'd never seen him before,” she added.

Craniopagus twins, the term for twins conjoined at the head, are very rare and have a low survival rate. In fact, 40 percent of cases result in babies being stillborn and for those that do survive, there is an 80 percent chance of them dying by the age of 2.

Goodrich explained that one of the conjoined twins always has to work overtime, doing double the work to ensure the other stays alive. In the case of the McDonalds, Jadon played this role, but Goodrich added that Anias has been gaining in strength since the surgery.

“I like that he’s starting to smile at other people,” Nicole said of Anias, WPIX reported. “He’s starting to trust people.”

Jadon and Anias will break the record for the fastest recovery from craniopagus surgery if they are moved to rehab as planned after Thanksgiving. It will only have been seven weeks since they were separated, and the current record stands at eight.

They will then move on to months of rehab, where they will both receive therapy.

Sources: Daily Mail, WPIX / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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