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Doctors Respond To Four-Legged Man's Social Media Plea (Photo)

A young man born in India with four legs used social media to urge doctors to amputate his two extra limbs.

To everybody's surprise, medical professionals are starting to notice.

Fortis Hospital in Delhi reached out to Arun Kumar, 22, and is currently investigating his case further, reports the Daily Mail.

"Since he has four legs we will be keen to know where is the blood supply coming from, and where is it going into his legs, and also we need to find out has he got extra kidneys, extra urethras, extra bladder?" explained orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hermant Sharma.

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The hospital plans to conduct a series of tests, including MRI and CT scans, X-rays and echocardiograms.

Kumar was born with an extra pelvis and two additional deformed legs on his lower back, heavily impeding his mobility and hurting his posture.

"During childbirth he got stuck and didn't come out without pain," said Kokila Devi, Kumar's mother, adding doctors at the time did not remove the limbs for fear of injuring the baby. "And when he came out, all his limbs were the same size."

The family learned to cope.

"We got disheartened and came back to our village and everyone here said, it's OK just live like this," said Kumar's father, Ram Singh.

Since then, Kumar has lived with two legs to walk on, a third underdeveloped one, and a fourth that is bent at the knee.

"If I get an operation and doctors take off my two extra legs, then I can also live a normal life," Kumar said. "I may be able to move and walk properly like others. If they are willing to do an operation, then I'm ready."

His plight has since touched many worldwide, who wish Kumar the best.

"Poor guy hope they do some thing to help this guy I really feel for him," wrote one user on Daily Mail's Facebook page.

"God bless you and I hope your wish will come true! Soon!" added another woman.

Kumar's journey will be featured on documentary TV series "Body Bizarre."

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook/Daily Mail / Photo credit: Barcroft via Daily Mail

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