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Man Survives Freak Spearfishing Accident (Photo)

Images of a man who was the victim of a freak spearfishing accident have surfaced on the internet.

In one picture, the unidentified individual can be seen grimacing in a hospital bed with a spear stuck through his head. The spear appears to have impaled his face below the left cheekbone and is protruding out the other side.

There is then a second photo that appears to have been taken post-surgery, in which the man is smiling at the camera with his head heavily bandaged.

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The accident reportedly took place on a diving trip to the Caribbean, according to the Daily Mail.

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The man is lucky to be alive. In 2015, a similar incident resulted in the death of Jarrod Ditmars, a 21-year-old man from Florida, according to CBS News.

Ditmars was on life support after being accidentally shot through the head with a spear gun by his friend. Before he died, his mother spoke out in favor of stricter safety regulations for spear guns.

"Because of the fact [that] there was no safety on the gun, this was preventable," Maribeth Jarrods told WTSP.

"There are a lot of dangers involved … something needs to change to make it more safe," she added. "If what happened to our son changes the safety laws to help someone else … that's our goal today."

Dive expert Randy Powell told WTSP that people should exercise extreme caution when using spear guns, just as they would when using firearms.

"It's a weapon. Treat it with 100 percent respect," he said. "It can shoot through a fish weighing 100 pounds."

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