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Oklahoma Man Nick Williams Asked To Change ‘F Cancr’ License Plate

The Oklahoma Tax Commission wants a man to change his custom license plate, which says “F Cancr,” because of the alleged vulgarity of the phrase. The owner of the license plate, cancer patient Nick Williams, says that the “F” stands for fight.

"When I had my surgery, they got 60 percent of it. The other 40 percent was entwined in my brain," Williams said. Williams has had chemotherapy, surgery and numerous hospital visits. The 32-year-old man has a 5-year-old son of his own, Kameron, and he has no intention of giving up.

"My 'F' - it stands for fight. Some people look at it as a different word, but I'm fighting brain cancer. I've had it for about two-and-a-half years now."

Williams uses his family as a source of inspiration, 14 News reported.

"If it wasn't for him [Kameron] and my wife, I probably would have gave up a long time ago, really," Williams said.

When the Oklahoma Tax Commission gave Williams the news, he called up to try and argue his case. "After I told him what the plates said and everything, he got offensive, kind of. He said, 'Oh, I get complaints all the time,'" Williams said.

He understands that some people may confuse the message of his license plate, but like the scar he has on his head, he says that it is a symbol of pride for him and he wants to display it proudly.

"I used to try and cover it up with a hat. I tried to let my hair grow out, but it was so patchy it just never worked," Williams said.

Sources: 14 News, WJLA


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