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Ohio Woman Panhandles for $5,000 Breast Implants

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The current state of the economy has forced many Americans to cut back on spending, clip more coupons, and take on extra jobs. Or, for one Ohio woman, beg for plastic surgery.

Identifying herself only as Chrissy, this Rittman, Ohio 37-year-old woman is desperate to get breast implants and there’s not much she won’t do to get them. She’s even going as far as standing on the corner of a busy street in a distracting bikini with a sign that, quite effectively, gets her point across: “Not homeless! Need boobs."

Regardless of whether or not you agree with her mission, you’ve got to give the woman some credit for going after what she wants without an ounce of shame.

“I see people panhandling everyday, so why not panhandle for boobs,” Chrissy says, according to the Daily Mail.

One could argue that those who “panhandle” do so because they don’t have food or a home. The last thing on their mind is cosmetic surgery and most of America, other than a few red-blooded males, would rather donate to a homeless war veteran than a half-naked woman.

As Chrissy states on her sign, she’s not homeless. When not begging on the streets for cash, she’s a university student, a single mother, and a bartender. Her paycheck covers the basics and school tuition, but not the $5,000+ she needs for larger breasts.

The big question people have is, does her sign actually work? Apparently, yes.

After making $46 in two hours, Chrissy decided to keep up the work until she raises all $5,058 she needs. Her plan is effective: don a bikini and stand next to a motorbike at the corner of Carnegie Avenue and Manchester Road in Akron. She proudly holds her sign while her friend, Steve Bernabe, acts as her bodyguard, free of charge.

Not only have people actually donated money, many honk their horns or ask for pictures. You can bet people have a wide variety of opinions, from fascination to disgust. Despite some negative comments, Chrissy stands by her belief that what she’s doing is honest work and an original way of raising money.

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