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'It's Very Exciting': Ohio Woman Brought Back To Life By Trauma Team

“A real miracle” is how the father of a Columbus, Ohio, stabbing victim is describing his daughter’s recovery. 

Jameela Muhammed, a 29-year-old mother of two, was stabbed around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday while trying to break up a fight outside her apartment, WSYX News reports. 

Jameela’s father, Abdullah Muhammed, said he was sleeping on a couch in an apartment nearby and heard the fight. He went outside only to see his daughter stabbed in the chest. 

“She pulled it out, and when she pulled it out, it broke,” Abdullah told WSYX News. “The handle from the blade was still in her, and she pulled that out too.”

The knife punctured her heart, the family would later learn. 

Jameela was rushed to Grant Medical Center where a trauma team brought her back from the dead. 

“We lost her for a few minutes, yes, but we were able to bring her back,” Jennifer Hartwell, a trauma surgeon, said. 

“Instead of traditional CPR in trauma surgery we are very aggressive about making an incision, opening the chest and taking the heart in our hands and literally just pumping the heart with our hands, and that is the best way to get her back,” Hartwell added, explaining the way the team was able to keep Jameela alive while they repaired the damage. 

“It's very exciting to care for patients like this,” she said. “And it's the greatest reward to see my patients do well.”

Jameela was last reported to still be in the intensive care unit at the hospital, and listed in critical condition, but she was recovering. 

Police have arrested and charged the woman accused of stabbing her. 

Abdullah said he and his wife are hopeful their daughter will pull through and they are thankful for the help she received. 

“Any person with that type of wound usually dies, but she is young, she is fighting, strong willed and we are praying for her,” he said. “I will always be grateful to the workers here, nurses and the doctors, surgeons at Grant.”

Just as Abdullah described his daughter’s recovery as a miracle, so too, did a Missouri mother whose son’s heart started beating after he was pulled from a frozen lake after being under the ice for 15 minutes. 

Medical professionals at St. Joseph Hospital West in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, performed CPR on 14-year-old John Smith for 27 minutes, trying to revive him after emergency personnel brought him to the hospital in February, KSDK News reported at the time.

His doctor said the boy had been dead for 45 minutes by the time they decided he couldn’t be revived. Staff brought John’s mother, Joyce Smith, into the room to give her the sad news.

“She started praying loudly,” Dr. Kent Sutterer said. 

“I don't remember what all I said,” Joyce told KSDK. “But I remember, ‘Holy God, please send your Holy Spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him.’

"And they hadn't been getting a pulse at that time, so all of a sudden I heard them saying, ‘We got a pulse, we got a pulse.’”

John was eventually airlifted to Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center where he received further treatment. 

Dr. Jeremy Garrett who oversaw his treatment there, called the teen’s recovery “a bonafide miracle.”

Sutterer said, in a letter he wrote about the incident, that he believed John’s heart was “jump started by the Holy Spirit listening to the request of his praying mother.”

Sources: WSYX News, KSDK News

Photo Credit: WSYX News, Oakland Misfit/Flickr


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