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Ohio Removes 8-Year-Old Boy From Parents for Being Too Fat

Authorities in Ohio, last week, determined that an overweight (unnamed) 8-year-old boy was too fat, so they took him away from his parents in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Officials told the parents that they were not controlling his weight well enough.

The boy was reportedly over 200 pounds, well into the severely obese category, according to Cleveland Plain Dealer. That extra weight puts people at risk for diabetes, hypertension and other weight-related disorders, doctors say.

The state’s Department of Children and Family Services insisted that the third grader was being neglected, and that his mother was not following doctors’ orders to control his weight.

The family’s lawyer disagrees, claiming that the state is overstepped its role in taking the boy, and that his health risk factors do not pose an imminent threat.

Over 12 percent of children in Ohio are obese, the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted. The third grader is the first child in Ohio to be taken from his parents for being overweight.

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