Ohio Parents Go To Get Their Infant Daughter's Tumor Checked, Only To Be Told That The Baby Has No Tumors


A couple in Cincinnati, Ohio has credited God with saving their infant daughter after an apparent tumor, affecting the infant's face, disappeared.

Matthew and Carissa Hatfield of Cincinnati suspected that something was not right with their 3-month old daughter, Paisley, since she was born earlier in 2015.  Specifically, the left side of Paisley's face did not seem to follow the same movements as the rest of her face.

"We noticed her eye -- when she would cry, her eye would not shut all the way," said Carissa, according to WCPO. "It would stay open, and when she started to smile, the same side of her mouth would not move."

WCPO and WKRC report that the Hatfields went to a pediatrician to have Paisley looked at on Nov. 20, when doctors at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital discovered a mass near Paisley's brain.  The doctors delivered the grim news to the Hatfields that the mass was likely cancer.

"It was just so devastating knowing that my three-month-old baby pretty much got her death sentence right there," Carissa said in an interview with WKRC.  Matthew said that he continually prayed for Paisley to get better.

The Hatfields returned to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Nov. 23 so that doctors could perform a biopsy on Paisley.  A procedure that was meant to last for up to 3 hours ended in about 30 minutes, at which point the doctors delivered some odd, yet good news to the Hatfields.

"As soon as he come in he just had a confused look on his face," said Carissa. "He was like, 'your prayers must have worked.' He said, 'because when I went in there to biopsy that tumor,' he said, 'nothing was there.'"

The Hatfields credit God for Paisley's survival and lack of cancer, which they say is a miracle.  The hospital initially thought that perhaps a mistake had been made the first time, but the initial examination was reportedly done by one of the hospital's top radiologists.

The hospital issued a statement:

"Doctors at Children's had expected the worst - a malignant tumor. But when surgeons reached the spot where the suspected tumor was visible on the scan, they found nothing. They couldn't have been happier to tell the good news to the Hatfield family."

Sources: WCPO, WKRC / Photo Credit: Flickr/Michael Ramsdell

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