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Ohio Man Impaled On Shovel Featured In 'Untold Stories Of The E.R.'

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An Ohio man who fell off his roof while trying to repair it and impaled himself on a shovel will appear in a new episode of “Untold Stories Of The E.R.”

“You can see the shovel sticking out of what appears to be the rectal area,” Dr. Kevin Klauer of Canton, Ohio, said. “Even when you’ve seen a lot of bad injuries, this is really a cringe moment.”

Klauer noted that figuring out the extent of the man’s injuries was difficult, especially when they had to turn him over to see where the shovel had entered the body.

“Turning somebody to examine them while they have a shovel impaled in their rectum is not something anyone’s been trained to do,” Klauer said. “You have to work as a team.”

Klauer noted that the man was in so much pain that his screams filled the hospital. However, Klauer admitted that he sympathized with the man.

When the medical team turned the man over, they discovered that the shovel had actually impaled in the perineum, which is the patch of skin between the rectal area and the scrotum. The location created big problems for Klauer, who said that injuries to the liver, kidney or other organs that use a lot of blood vessels could cause the patient to bleed to death.

However, after Klauer ordered a CAT scan, the shovel was removed and the patient was able to recover.

The show will air on November 15th on Discovery Fit & Health.

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Photo Source: The Huffington Post, Flickr Creative Commons


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