Ohio Lawmakers Vote To Ban Abortions at Publicly Funded Clinics, Hospitals


Ohio lawmakers are considering a new ban in the state that would forbid any publicly funded hospital, clinic or any other place that uses tax dollars.

Via NECN.com:

bortions in Ohio would be banned at most publicly funded hospitals, clinics and other facilities under a proposal Senate Republicans are considering putting in the state budget, a Senate GOP official told The Associated Press on Monday.

The official, who had direct knowledge of the changes being discussed, requested anonymity because the revisions were still a part of negotiations.

State senators are also weighing a separate amendment to restrict public employees' insurance from covering abortions, the official said. Not included would be those public employees of the state's two chartered counties and chartered municipalities, which account for roughly two-thirds of the cities in the state.

Abortions in the case of rape or incest or saving the life of the mother would be exempted from both proposals, the official said.

It is unclear if the bill would require Planned Parenthood affiliates to then either give up public funding or give up performing abortions, but my guess is that is the actual intent of the bill itself.


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