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Ohio "Heartbeat" Bill Passes House

The state of Ohio is pushing for the most restrictive abortion ban yet, with the House today voting 54-43 to pass a bill that would ban all abortions after the point in which a heartbeat can be detected -- as early as four weeks post conception and before some women would even realize that they are pregnant.

The bill, which is seen by many to be highly unconstitutional, was opposed by Ohio Right to Life, who did not wish to push for a ban that they knew could not stand up in court and could possibly reconfirm Roe V. Wade.

The Heartbeat Bill still needs to pass the senate as well as be signed by the governor before it becomes law.  It is also looking at a nearly inevitable court challenge before it is ever enacted.

Meanwhile, the House also voted 59-39 to table an amendment that would increase maternity care in the state.

Ohio also passed bans on insurance coverage on abortions and a 20 week abortion ban in the House.


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