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Kids Gone, Empty Nest: Oh So Many Choices

Choices are on my mind this week. I am trying to figure out how one makes choices and why some work and others fail miserably. As a woman who raised two wonderful sons and now has so much free time to do what I want, I am finding myself torn with so many choices. I remember it seemed to be easier when I had kids and worked full-time. This way seemed to dictate my choices where today I do what I want, when I want and have learned to say no and stick with it. How do you cope with your choices day to day? Working full-time and raising kids as a single parent or one who is struggling with fertility to become a parent or those who struggle with school choices, food choices and at the same time trying to be PC.

I would become crazy if I had all this going on now. I sometimes wonder how I did it all when I had my marriage and my kids and my job and my extra activities. But I did. I made choices that I thought were in my perceived best interest and for the most part lived with these choices and rarely changed back to what it was before the choices. I like change and therefore would move furniture constantly in my house. I would rotate paintings, buy new sheets and towels and still managed to meet most of my expectations that I set as "goals". Although as time went on I found myself becoming invisible. Do you feel invisible in your daily life and try and make choices that you think will work? Are you lonely within your busy day? Do you have any time to do something for yourself?

As I make choices everyday about my life and where it fits in this world I wonder what the other roads look like that I didn't choose. The internet has made a big difference in my choices lately. I find myself spending hours writing and reading blogs and working for The Next Family searching out guest writers whose lives amaze me. The choices we make everyday for ourselves totally reminds me of all the new choices available. Do we still have time to make human contact and add real conversation to our lives? Do you sit online in your free time instead of reading a book? Are you playing games like Farmville or video games? Do you use your Blackberry's and IPhones to keep you in contact but not really in conversation? Do you text instead of talking?

As I ponder all the changes in my life and all the available choices I realize it is that very fact that I have choices that some days blows out my brain. Sometimes I just have to close all my apps, phones, internet and go to a museum, beach or other zen place where I can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city or the quiet solitude of parks and quiet places.

Some days I just try and call people who I have lost real communication with to hear first hand about their choices. An amazing world we live in.


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