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Officials Issue Warning Over Salt And Ice Challenge (Video)

A new internet challenge has gone viral and is sending several teenagers straight to the emergency room.

"Guys, I'm actually scared right now," a teenager is heard saying in one YouTube video, after doing the challenge. "Oh my gosh that was so dumb of me."

The viral trend is called the Ice and Salt challenge, and several teens have uploaded videos of themselves on the internet participating in it.

"They put salt on their arm, they get an ice cube, they rest it on the salt and they see how long they can keep it on there," Hillsborough County Fire Marshall Tammy Zurla told ABC Action News.

The combination of salt and ice creates a chemical reaction that can send temperatures plunging down to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

"At first it will burn but then it gets so cold it mimics the same thing as frost bite," Zurla explained. "Second and third degree burns, that's bad news, again lasting damage, nerve damage."

The Hillsborough County fire department added that the challenge can cause large welts and even permanent damage.

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"This change in temperature can go very quickly, less than thirty seconds you can go from 0 Celsius to to minus 14," Dr. Jhon Figueroa, of the University of South Florida's chemistry department, told the news station.

During a demonstration, a pile of ice that sat at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit dropped more than 25 degrees in a matter of seconds.

"Don't try this at home, this is not kidding, this is not a game, you will get burned," Dr. Figueroa added.

Sources: WFTSUghitshayden2/YouTube / Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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