"Offensive" PETA Ad? Sex with Vegan Can Wreck a Woman

PETA is out with an odd new Valentine's Day ad that promotes veganism as leading to better sex. But some say it glorifies abusing women.

The ad features a pantsless woman staggering the streets with a neck brace and carrying a bag of vegetables. Narrator Kevin Nealon says:

"This is Jessica. She suffers from 'BWVAKTBOOM,' 'Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me,' a painful condition that occurs when boyfriends go vegan and can suddenly bring it like a tantric porn star."

She then delivers the vegetables to her boyfriend who says, "Oh, you're feeling better?"

"The piece is tongue-in-cheek," Lisa Lange, a senior vice president for PETA, told Yahoo News. "People who watch the ad all the way through see the woman has a mischievous smile. She's happy to go back with him. It's playful."

Not everyone agrees.

"PETA is going for shock value here," Michael Learmonth, digital editor at Advertising Age, wrote in an email to Yahoo News. "But I don't think portraying women as beat up physically is a good idea, even in jest."

Decide for yourself:


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