Off the Mat and Into the World With This Halter (With Giveaway!)

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We’re a sucker for cute workout clothes (no surprise there). We’re also a sucker for anything that makes a change for the better in the world (again, no surprise). So when Hyde was all “We have a cute yoga halter that performs well and makes the world a better place—and we want to give one away,” we were all “Um, yes, please!”

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And so we tried the OTM Halter and fell in yoga-workout-clothes love. Well, as much as you can fall in love with a yoga halter. (I have really broad shoulders, so whenever I wear a halter of any kind in public I just feel like I’m screaming “Look at my expansive, pale upper body!” So for this review, I tested the halter at home where my shoulders feel, well, at home.) The halter is fitted and doesn’t allow small- and medium-sized lady lumps to escape its built in shelf-bra (I can’t personally vouch for larger lumps, but I think they’d be either too snug or “overflowing”), plus it’s made of super-soft organic cotton that is smooth and super flattering.

The halter ties at the back, providing you with more or less support as needed, and the length of the tank goes well beyond the yoga pant line, giving you coverage and a super-cute split on the side that allows for ease of movement when doing bends. Again, very flattering. Oh, and it’s seamless with no tags, so there’s no weird rubbing during chatarunga to worry about.

Like I said, I don’t work out in many halters, but this one is by far the best I’ve ever tried. And I’m not just saying that because 10 percent of proceeds are going to Off the Mat and Into the World, an organization that wants to save the world. Although that’s true, too. And with a price tag of about $45, it certainly makes splurging on this top easier.

Want to try this yoga halter yourself? Leave a comment with what your favorite yoga pose is, and we’ll select one random U.S. commenter to win! Winners will be notified by email in about a week, so don’t neglect those inboxes. Namaste! —Jenn


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