OctoMom Still Has 29 Frozen Embryos

In an interview back in January, Nadya Suleman told Radar that she has no embryos left, and all that she had were used when she became pregnant with the octuplets. Well, it turns out that she actually has 29 embryos left, and they have never been unfrozen.

At a hearing to determine what to do to the license of the doctor who implanted all the embryos in Nadya, it was revealed Nadya has 29 left. My question is why? Why keep them? I hope that she is not thinking deep in her mind that she is going to have more kids. This is not a person who should have access to these embryos, because I fear one day she will want to have another baby, and the next thing you know, she will have sextuplets and have passed the Duggars, but with no visible means to support all those kids.


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