Octomom Nadya Suleman Forces Her 14 Children to Live in Squalor

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Television’s infamous Octomom got another unwelcome visit from child and family services this week. According to a report from TMZ, Nadya Suleman’s hairdresser complained to authorities about horrific living conditions at the Octomom abode, attracting the attention of police and social workers.

The hairdresser’s account of the 14 Suleman children’s living conditions included descriptions of a graffiti-covered house, backed-up septic system, overflowing portable toilets strewn about the yard and freezing children forced to eat outside or in an unsupervised, locked room.

Suleman became an international celebrity for about 15 minutes when she underwent an ethically dubious fertility procedure to simultaneously conceive eight children (in addition to the six she already had). At the time the frankentuplets were born, Suleman’s first six kids were already aged 2 to 7.

Photos taken at Suleman’s La Habra, California, home (seen below) appear to corroborate the hairdresser’s account. Nadya has been very public about her financial woes, and even posed naked for magazines earlier this year to raise a little extra cash.

Police and social workers have checked in on Nadya Suleman’s kids numerous times in the last few years, though they have yet to remove any of them from the home.

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