Octo Dad? Possible Father of Octuplets Speaks Out


A man claiming to be the possible father of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets spoke to ABC’s Good Morning America today and gave a personal account of his time with Suleman. Denis Beaudoin, who reportedly carried on a three-year relationship with Suleman, was interviewed by ABC’s Chris Cuomo.

“It was fun,” Beaudoin said of his time with Suleman. “Nadya’s a really great girl, really had an infectious laugh.” When asked about Suleman’s fixation with having children, though, Beaudoin stated that she had never indicated that type of interest when the two of them dated between 1997 and 1999.

"She looks different, sounds different. You know, it's just not the Nadya I remember," he said. When asked about his reaction to upon learning of Suleman’s fourteen children and the possibility of his having fathered all of them, Beaudoin replied that “it’s a hard concept to grasp.”

He claimed that Suleman convinced him to begin making sperm donations after telling him that she had ovarian cancer and needed to act quickly if she ever wanted to have children. Beaudoin said he would never want to put Suleman or her children through the drama of a legal ordeal, and became tearful as he recalled the pain of the custody battle involving his oldest son.

According to Nadya Suleman, Beaudoin is not the father, but Beaudoin is skeptical. “I can’t take everything she says for granted,” he said during the interview. “Initially she told me the whole reason for me donating sperm in the first place was to get pregnant because she’s not going to be able to have kids, and it turned into this.”

Beaudoin has requested a DNA test. 

Click here to see the video from ABC News.



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