Obsession with Breasts Shapes Breast Cancer Treatment

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As a culture, it's hard to dispute the fact that we are obsessed with boobs. While this might just seem to be a cosmetic concern, in fact this obsession can have far-reaching implications. Take, for example, breast cancer treatment decisions.

One women, Lady Baird of Houston, made the difficult decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy, having both breasts removed after she learned that she had a lengthy family history of breast cancer.

“We have convinced ourselves that our happiness and luck in love are relative to our boob size,” she says. She also wonders why women “put their faith in boobs,” trusting that their breasts will get them everything from a bigger diamond ring to a bigger house.

Many women seek out bigger breasts through artificial implants, yet most women are also familiar with the risk of breast cancer. Baird “comes from a family of cancer:” her mother, father, aunt, and great-grandmother all had cancer, two of them breast cancer. She learned that she carried a genetic mutation putting her at high risk of developing breast cancer.

Of the decision to undergo mastectomy pre-emptively, Baird says “For once, I would be the one to catch cancer off guard and make the first move.” She underwent a double mastectomy – what she terms as an “Upgrade to safer, less-saggy, man-magnet knockers.” Baird says that the decision was her chance to live and define beauty on her own terms.

Read more about her story here: http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/05-24-11-my-cups-are-overflowin...


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