Why this Doc Can't Get into Medical TV Shows


What is it about the media obsession with doctors and the medical field? It seems like everywhere I turn I hear about yet one more medical show popping up on television. Seriously, are our lives really that interesting?

It’s really not nearly as glorious as they make it seem, believe me.  In fact, it’s sometimes downright monotonous and anticlimactic. I have spent many nights in the E.R, and never have I seen situations like those that pop up on these shows before…not even close. And I hate to say this, but not many doctors look like Paul Clooney or James Franco.  

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good looking docs out there, but for the most part, we didn’t exactly give up a booming modeling career for a life filled with books and a stethoscope, Dr. Oz included (sorry Dr. Oz!). So why this strange obsession with all things medical?

As a physician I just simply can’t engage and find myself “hooked” on any of these shows for some reason – am I an oddity? Perhaps because the very last thing I want to do is to go home and feel as though I am back at work. I’d rather watch completely mindless television, where I no longer have to think. Plus, I don’t know about other docs, but for some reason I lose interest quite rapidly when I see situations that I know would never realistically happen. 

I mean,  what are the odds of having a pole stuck through two individuals who are awake, coherent, and having a full on conversation for hours in the ER, while the surgeons decide which of the two they should ethically (and I use the term loosely) save; because they can save only one, but of course. Just can't get into it, crazy me. I'm sure lawyers feel the same way when they watch law shows, mafia members when they watch mob shows, etc, no?

Here’s my running list of medical shows so far (some old and some new):


Doogie Howser, MD


Grey’s Anatomy



Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


Chicago Hope

Third Watch

Dr. 90210

Private Practice

Dr. Oz

The Doctors

St. Elsewhere


Boston Medical

General Hospital (I have to admit, my personal favorite)

Have any more to add? Please share!


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