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Father Remortgages Home For Obese Son's Treatment

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James King, 46, a dangerously obese individual who had appeared on TLC's weight-loss show "My 600-lb Life,"hoping to lose weight and regain his freedom, actually ended up 51 pounds heavier than when he started.

The Paducah, Kentucky, resident had vowed to lose weight for his aging father, Don, with whom he lived. When filming began, King was 735 pounds, had been bedridden for three years, and suffered from an acute case of cellulitis -- a bacterial skin infection that can potentially become life-threatening.

King's weight threatened his life and prevented him from seeking the treatment he desperately needed. During a house call, weight loss specialist Younan Nowzaradan advised King that before surgery was possible, he'd have to lose 150 pounds on his own.

But when the time came for his follow-up meeting with Nowzaradan in Houston, Texas, King had yet to lose any weight and couldn't make the trip on his own. So his father remortgaged his house to pay for an ambulance to take King to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

It took a team of firemen to get King from his bed to the ambulance.

Nowzaradan was angry that King hadn't lost any weight and admitted him to the hospital on an 800-calorie diet. From 735 pounds, King lost 50 pounds over his month-long stay, and was able to return home after shedding the weight. He promised to lose even more.

King traces his weight gain and food addiction to losing his alcoholic mother at a young age, but Nowzaradan sees other factors as major contributors to his issues. His wife is a major enabler of his habits, and conversations between King and his father had only ended up frustrating the two.

His time at home was short -- King was rushed back to the hospital with congestive heart failure. After ten days, he was allowed to go home, but the scare didn't cause him to change his eating habits.

Instead, his wife continued to get him all the fast food he desired.

Nowzaradan returned for a second house call and confirmed that King's weight loss was negligible; as a result, he'd have to be re-admitted to the hospital.

Upon his return to the hospital, King weighed in at 843 lbs and revealed that, despite losing 50 pounds during his first hospital visit, he had gained back 158 pounds in the following four months.

The hospital put King back on the 800-calorie diet and reduced his weight to 786 pounds, which still leaves him 51 pounds heavier than he was when the show began.

King and his family hope he can turn his life around for good this time. It might be his last chance.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Mirror / Photo Credit: Jon's Blog

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