Obese Death Row Prisoner Ronald Post Says He is Too Fat to be Executed

Ronald Post, an Ohio death row prisoner who weighs about 480 pounds, is asking for his upcoming execution to be delayed because his weight, vein access, scar tissue and other medical problems could lead to a "torturous and lingering death," reports the Daily Mail.

In 1983, Post robbed and killed a hotel clerk, Helen Vantz, in Elyria, Ohio. In court papers, Post's attorney says the inmate is so heavy that the execution gurney might not hold him.

Post's legal papers state that he has tried losing weight, but physical problems have made it difficult. Additionally, the papers say that Post "used an exercise bike [at the Mansfield Correctional Institution] until it broke under his weight."

The Ohio prisons department said that it was not aware of the legal filing and would not comment.

The victim's son William Vantz wrote a letter that was published in the Morning Journal that read: "I am now 54 years old, a year older than my mother at the time of her murder. We, my family and friends have waited too long for the day that he is executed for this heinous crime. Some did not live long enough to see the day that justice is served."


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