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Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Announced but May Be Inflated

There ain’t no victory like an Obamacare victory, because an Obamacare victory…isn’t exactly a victory at all. The embattled program announced enrollment numbers recently and hit its proposed 1.1 million new enrollee-goal. This marks the first-time in the program’s history that it didn’t fall short of projected numbers. Yet, according to an anonymous insurance industry insider who spoke to Fox News, “Those numbers are inflated. The question is how much.[sic]” broke it down further, saying that the numbers offered by the Obama administration reflect those who’ve enrolled but not paid their first premium. Thus, those who may have been dropped and then reenrolled would be counted twice. It is believed that the numbers of enrollees who’ve not yet paid their bills is around 20 to 30 percent.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that insurance companies were the best source for that information. According to CNN, he said, “It is a contract between an individual or - well, an individual even representing his or her family - and a private insurance provider. So insurance companies obviously have data about when those payments are made.”

The online apparatus for paying premiums was one of the things not yet ready when rolled out to disastrous results in October of 2013. However, they are developing a system that will track payments, specifically for Medicare and Medicaid. A CNN Money article from last month takes an optimistic approach, suggesting that as the site works out its problems more people will start paying.

Even with the inflated numbers—totaling 3.3 million enrollees—the program will most likely fall short of the March 31 goal of 6 million enrollees from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. So far, according to Fox News, the Administration is not considering extending open enrollment past that date. 


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