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Obama Anti-Abortion Billboards Covered By Protesters

The creators of the controversial anti-abortion billboards in Chicago that feature a likeness of President Obama with a message to stop abortion are getting a second round of media attention. But this time, it's because of their billboards' lack of visibility.

No, the group hasn't taken them down.  Instead, individuals appear to be making an effort to cover up the signs themselves.

Via The Chicago Tribune:

Two of the three identical ads — which feature an image of President Barack Obama and the words "Every 21 minutes our next possible leader is aborted" — were covered with fabric banners with messages scrawled in red paint.

One banner says: "In 21 minutes this sign should be gone." A second banner, which dangled from the billboard Sunday after being blown by the wind, says, "Abort Racism."

The unidentified protesters who have covered the boards identify themselves as "social workers and community members," and say they are with no particular group.

The original billboards have drawn intense criticism, especially from the Black Women for Reproductive Justice, who thoroughly condemned the ads.


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