Oakland Girl Brain Dead After Surgery To Have Tonsils Removed (Video)


A young Oakland, Calif., girl has been declared brain dead after undergoing surgery to have her tonsils removed, and now her family demands answers.

KGO-TV reported that 13-year-old Jahi McMath and her mother Nailah Winkfield arrived at Oakland Children’s hospital Monday for the routine surgery because doctors suggested it would help with her sleep apnea.

But McMath suffered complications during her recovery.

"My daughter had actual clots sliding out of her mouth and they gave me a cup and said, 'here catch them with the cup so we can measure them,'" Winkfield told KGO.

McMath’s grandmother, Sandra Chatman, says the Oakland Children’s Hospital staff failed to provide care and attention to the patient.

"I went in and I said 'is this normal, do you guys find this to be normal?' And they said 'I don't really know,' and I said 'well then get a doctor,'" Chatman said.

McMath went into cardiac arrest and died, and was revived by doctors but now she is brain dead.

The family was shocked to find out that the hospital staff is considering taking McMath off life support.

"They just have a social worker follow me around all day long asking me 'do you have any other family that needs to see her?' like trying to put a rush on it," Winkfield said.

They are now calling for an investigation to find out how the young girl could have died after a routine surgery.

Spokesperson Melinda Kriegel released a statement, saying: "We're very sad about this outcome, about what's happened to her, but at this point I have no information on the details of the surgery. We will certainly investigate what happened. In any surgery there are risks and there can be unexpected, unanticipated complications."

The family has decided they do not want to take McMath off life support.

“I am not leaving unless she leaves with me because I will not let them pull the plug on my child,” Winkfield told CBS.


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