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NYPD Used 'Cops' PCP Episode In Campaign Against Synthetic Marijuana (Video)

The NYPD released two videos on Tuesday as part of its campaign against synthetic marijuana, also known by the brand name K2. However, one of the videos (below) reportedly depicted a naked man high on PCP during an episode of the Fox reality TV series "Cops."

"The videos might be disturbing," NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

The "Cops" video shows the naked man running around in public and punching a hole through a fence in Des Moines, Iowa, back in 2002; the episode aired in 2003.

The Des Moines Register did a profile in 2009 about Police Officer Lori Lavorato who "was in one of the most famous clips from the show: In 2002, she had to jump on the back of a naked man high on PCP."

Lavorato told the Gothamist that the naked man's friends told police that he (naked man) had used PCP previously. The naked man had no PCP on him at the time of the video.

Synthetic marijuana is not the same thing as PCP, but is actually a chemical cannabinoid that is sprayed on incense or other products that are sold in smoke shops and delis in New York City.

A NYPD spokesperson told the Gothamist that it was unknown where the video in question originated.

The Gothamist was also told by a NYPD spokesperson that the video was "shown to depict the type of behavior sometimes associated with 'excited delirium syndrome,'" and that the department "never, ever said that it was K2 that the people were on."

However, the Gothamist notes that both of the videos released by the NYPD were attached to emails that used the subject line: "K2 Video."

PIX11 aired part of the Iowa clip yesterday and reported: "The NYPD playing another video that's been seen nationally showing a K2 user with almost super-human strength."

Sources: Gothamist, PIX11, The Des Moines Register / Photo Credit: Cops/You Tube Screenshot


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