NYPD Performing Criminal Background Checks on Domestic Violence Victims


In New York City, domestic violence victims can now be jailed if they have an open warrant and report their beating to the police.

According to the New York Post, NYPD cops are now required to run criminal background checks on victims of domestic violence per a new directive from Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski.

NYPD will now run criminal checks on the accused and the accusers to look at open warrants, complaint histories and driving records.

If domestic abuse victims turn out to have warrants, including unpaid tickets, “you have no choice but to lock them up” said a police source. “This is going to deter victims of domestic violence . . . They’re going to be scared to come forward.”

Beside warrants, a person’s criminal record and history of making criminal complaints should be checked, the directive says.

“There’s a lack of common sense in this department right now,” said another police source.

Source: New York Post


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