NYPD Cop Eder Loor Stabbed in Head; Cheats Death

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A New York City police officer who was stabbed in the head is expected to make a complete recovery, but doctors say he was just millimeters away from severe injury or death.

A schizophrenic man who was off his medications stabbed 28-year-old officer Eder Loor on Tuesday. Loor pulled the knife from his own head, and then put pressure on it to slow the bleeding. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery.

“He’s as lucky as you get,” said Mount Sinai Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr. Joshua Bederson. “If you want to call that a miracle, I guess you’re justified in calling it a miracle. It was awfully close."

The New York Daily News spells out what could have gone wrong:

-- If his middle cerebral artery was sliced open — and the knife just nicked it — the officer would have bled to death.
-- The blade stopped just an inch from a section of the temporal lobe that controls speech, and another half-inch from the area that handles motor function.

But instead of being paralyzed, blind or voiceless, doctors say Loor will be just fine.

“He’s probably the luckiest unlucky man you can ever have,” Bederson said. “His young age and incredible physical condition are probably going to speed a very, very rapid recovery.”

Mount Sinai released this graphic showing Loor's wound:

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