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NYC's Central Park Boathouse Selling Tap Water for $8?

A strike against New York City's Central Park Boathouse has turned nasty, with employees claiming the bottled water that the famed restaurant sells for $8 is nothing but ordinary tap water. But now the restaurant is denying it.

The original story was buried in a gossip column in the New York Daily News on Monday. It said that picketing workers were handing out "real" bottled water and letting customers know of the restaurant's "dirty little secret."

However the restaurant said there is nothing secret or dirty about it. A representative wrote to the restaurant rating folks at Zagat to say that employees are “not at a slop sink refilling old plastic water bottles with tap water.”

Zagat wrote on its website:

Like many upscale dining establishments, the Boathouse is using a Vivreau filtration system to remove impurities before bottling it as flat or sparkling. The rep points out that doing it on-site reduces the restaurant’s carbon footprint since they don’t have to have it shipped over. It’s not a “sinister rip-off” operation – instead, it’s an effort to be environmentally-friendly while still providing top-notch water.

So there you go. Still though, eight bucks for a bottle of filtered water?


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