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NY Woman Jackie Samuels Charges $60 an Hour for Cuddling

Need a cuddle buddy? If you’re in the Rochester, NY area, Jackie Samuels might be your answer.

Last month, the 29-year-old entrepreneur created a business to fulfill the needs of the lonely and those who just need a warm body by their side. Appropriately called The Snuggery, customers can contact this nursery-rhyme sounding company and set up an hour of non-sexual snuggle and cuddle time with Samuels for about the same price as a massage—$60 an hour.

Samuels’ inspiration for her business was simple: do what you like to do. Odd City Central quotes Samuels saying, “What I like to do is cuddle, so I figured it was a good thing to do. A lot of people didn’t like the idea so I figured it would be kind of an underground small-scale operation and provide a little extra income.”

Little did Samuels know, her underground operation would explode above ground and grab the attention of the media. So far, she’s appeared on FOX and CNN and will soon appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

While The Snuggery is a recent operation, Samuels has been planning such a venture since she began grad school at the University of Rochester. Her first business attempt was selling $1 hugs on the street. If you’re thinking, ‘who would pay for that?’ think again. Samuels made up to $80 a day.

Fast forward to today and Samuels has a graduate degree and 100 non-sexual cuddling positions under her belt.

Not surprisingly, all of her customers have been men. You’d think that, even though the snuggling and cuddling is strictly non-sexual, customers would get out of hand, but that’s not the case. Most are respectful and simply want to spoon—the standard starting position for first-timers. This can most likely be attributed to Samuels’ professionalism.

Before any cuddling occurs, Samuels meets with her customers to explain limitations and expectations; but most of all, the initial meeting is to make sure both she and the customer are comfortable.

She makes it clear that sexual arousal is completely normal during cuddling and shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. And while pajamas are allowed instead of clothes, no nudity is permitted.

All cuddling occurs in a private room, but for security purposes, other people are present in the house.

Other than earning some cash, Samuels’ desire is to help people take a break from their busy lives and experience the restorative powers of non-sexual intimacy. Perhaps The Snuggery’s tagline sums it up best: take a break. Have a snuggle.

You can learn more about Jackie Samuels and The Snuggery at


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