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NY Times Paul Krugman Talks About Single-Payer Health Care

PrincetonDem over at DailyKos posted this short clip of Nobel Laureate and New York Times op-ed writer Paul Krugman responding to a question about a single-payer health care system to a packed house at Common Cause New Jersey's event last Thursday in Princeton.

Krugman concluded his comment, saying:

"The economics of health care are easy; it's only the politics that are hard."

Agreed. One of the biggest impediments to comprehensive health care reform is the hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying money and campaign contributions doled out by the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. By changing the way campaigns are funded, the big money influence of the for-profit health care industry will be limited, allowing our elected officials to work for us, their constituents, rather than the special interests who fund their campaigns.

Learn more about Common Cause's efforts to end the pay-to-play system through citizen-funded elections by passing the Fair Elections Now Act.


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