Nurse Kaci Hickox Wins 'Ebola Battle' Over Maine Governor (Video)


Kaci Hickox has repeatedly defied quarantine orders from the State of Maine, which claims the nurse could have Ebola.

Hickox, who tested negative for Ebola and takes her temperature twice a day, has been openly bicycling with her boyfriend and talking to reporters outside her Fort Kent home. She did treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, but has repeatedly claimed that a home quarantine is a violation of her civil rights.

In response, Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) promised to use all legal means to keep Hickox quarantined in her home until Nov. 10.

Gov. LePage, who claims to be concerned about public's health, once called expanding Medicaid to poor and uninsured Maine residents "sinful," noted the Portland Press Herald.

According to the Associated Press, a judge issued an order yesterday banning Hickox from public places and requiring her to stay at least three feet away from people.

Local police were ordered to watch Hickox's movements.

"It is my opinion that the respondent should be subjected to an appropriate public health order for mandatory direct active monitoring and restrictions on movement as soon as possible and until the end of the incubation period... to protect the public health and safety," stated Dr. Sheila Pinette, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hickox countered by saying that she is already following the Centers for Disease Control's federal recommendations.

She won her battle in court this morning after a state judge ruled that she could leave her home and go to public places, noted

The nurse was told by the state judge that she would have to do “direct active monitoring” with the Centers for Disease Control, which she was already performing on her own.

Hickox also has to notify authorities if she chooses to travel or gets Ebola symptoms.

During a press conference today, Hickox praised the judeg's ruling and encouraged Americans to “gain a better collective understanding about Ebola and public health."

Sources: Associated Press,, Portland Press Herald


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