Nun Rushed To Hospital After Experiencing Severe Stomach Pains, Gets Biggest Shock Of Her Life


A South American nun suddenly started experiencing sharp pains, and not long after being rushed to the hospital, she gave birth to a baby boy. Now, the nun is claiming that she had no idea she was pregnant.

Reports say that the Catholic sister, originally from South America, belonged to an order in Macerata, Italy and had only arrived at the convent in June. Recently, after experiencing sudden sharp stomach pains, the sister was rushed to the hospital by her fellow nuns and was told she was pregnant. Soon after, she gave birth to a baby boy.

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The baby is reportedly still in the hospital and will be undergoing some more testing to make sure that he is totally healthy. Reports say that the nun’s convent is considering taking care of the child.

Sources: Daily MailThe Daily MirrorMetro UK / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail


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