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Nude Beach Cleared After African Immigrants Arrive, Ebola Fears (Video)

A nude beach in the Canary Islands, a territory of Spain, was recently cleared after 19 African immigrants came ashore via a fishing boat.

According to, Red Cross workers placed food, water and face masks on the sand for the immigrants, some of whom were described as having Ebola-type symptoms such as fever (video below).

The immigrants' fishing boat was burned on the beach by authorities, who took four immigrants to a local hospital, but none of them tested positive for Ebola.

"It presents risks because it is an established destination," San Bartolome Mayor Marco Aurelio Perez told Spain's El Mundo, noted The New York Post.

"Unfortunately, illegal immigration has become a common sight in the West," added Perez.

The immigrants were quarantined on the beach for almost five hours under the blistering sun until they were all taken away to be processed in a dump truck, according to Reuters.

Sources:, The New York Post, Reuters


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