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NRA Loses Challenge to Ban Minors Buying Guns

WASHINGTON -- The Brady Center hailed a ruling by federal Judge Samuel Cummings in Lubbock, Texas, who last week dismissed the National Rifle Association's challenge to the federal Gun Control Act's prohibition on licensed dealers selling handguns to people under 21. The Brady Center filed an amicus brief in the case supporting the federal law.

"We're pleased that the court rejected the NRA's challenge to this common-sense gun law limiting teenage access to handguns," said Brady Acting President Dennis Henigan. "While the NRA keeps trying to get judges to strike down life-saving, democratically-enacted gun laws, courts around the country have agreed that the Second Amendment doesn't prohibit strong laws to keep guns from dangerous people."

The original plaintiff in this case was 18-year-old James D'Cruz, whose Facebook page was filled with violent rhetoric and images. The NRA withdrew him from the case after he moved out of the state.

The Brady Center recently released a comprehensive report, Hollow Victory?, which examines the results of more than 400 challenges to gun laws filed by the gun lobby and gun criminals since the U.S. Supreme Court held three years ago that the Second Amendment provides an "individual right" to possess guns in the home for self-defense. The report finds that the courts have overwhelmingly rejected those challenges. This NRA's attempt to put loaded handguns in the hands of teenagers is just the latest defeat for the gun lobby.

» Read the Hollow Victory? Report.


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