Not One, But Two ALO Clothing Workout Outfit Giveaways!

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One thing we didn’t know about ALO clothing: It stands for “Air. Land. Ocean.” and is produced with minimal impact on the earth’s elements (Yay!). One thing we did know: The gear is super cute, high-performance (Heck, why do you think we chose them as the maker of some of our own Ts?). One thing you’re going to love about ALO: They’re giving an outfit away to two lucky U.S. readers!

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Yes, to celebrate our three years of existence, ALO has graciously agreed to donate a Modern Dolman Top in Pink Lady (seen left) and the Button Cuff Capris to two lovely FBG readers. To be entered to win this super-cute outfit that’s perfect for your next yoga or Pilates session, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us why you want to win and the first name of what girlfriend or family member you’re going to tell about this giveaway. (‘Cause we know you’ll want to spread the awesome giveaway love!) And while you’re at it, why not follow ALO on Twitter and Facebook, too?

Let the three-year birthday giveaway fun begin! Ya’ll have a full week to enter, so get to it! —Jenn


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