Enjoy Pool More than Yoga Studio? Try Aquatic Yoga

There is not denying that practicing yoga brings about many positive effects on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

However many people, while not denying yoga’s positive effects, still find themselves unwilling to join a gym or step foot into a yoga studio to take class.

A high demographic of this class are senior citizens over the age of 60. Well, don’t worry – we have not forgotten about you guys!

We recently received this informative submission from our friend and senior-citizen-yogi-extraordinaire Winthrop about the benefits of Aquatic Yoga. Winthrop is in his late 60s and recently tried aquatic yoga for the first time at the recommendation of his yoga-teaching daughter. Knowing that he would not step foot into a yoga studio, Withrop’s daughter did some research and found him a great “water yoga” program at a local fitness club. Now he is hooked and wants to share his newfound hobby with all of you…Check it out:

Aquatic yoga is a great new way to keep fit that is allowing those formerly kept on the yoga studio side lines to jump into the water and enjoy the many benefits of practicing yoga. I would have never gone into a gym or studio to practice yoga, but I found myself jumping into the water head first!

Studies show that water has long been used to enhance applications such as orthopedic therapyand aquatic strength training. Combining the long known benefits of yoga with the cushioning ability of warm water, aquatic yoga therapy has opened the fitness arena to many people for whom it was previously closed, such as myself! The fundamental postures of yoga, the asanas, can be preformed within the privacy, support, and comfort of water, with either freestanding movement in a shallow body-temperature pool, equipment-assisted poses, or wall-assisted poses.

In just over 6 months, the yoga, or union of aquatics and yoga, have already helped me to strengthen my muscles, improve my energy levels, increase my flexibility, and enhance my overall state of being. I write this article to tell everyone that aquatic yoga is a great way to reap the benefits of yoga without having to go to a sweaty gym or yoga studio!

The positive benefits of yoga are seen over the long term with a gradual increase in strength, flexibility and endurance, and when performed in water, this increase tends to happen far more quickly and with far less chance of injury or strain, which is why this new form of fitness is quickly becoming so popular with all types of people.

Aquatic therapy, including water yoga, has also proven to be extremely useful in pain management. For conditions such as fibromyalgia and varicose veins, where pain can be a constant, the soothing cushion of water and the muscle benefits of yoga can allow people to attain a higher fitness level without the pain of traditional exercise. It is the perfect marriage of function and comfort. The perfect union of effort and easy, comfort and stability. I highly recommend that you find an aquatic therapy location near you!


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