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Fila Body Toning Pants: Tight and Uncomfortable

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the new Fila Body Toning System Pant was not good for this Fit Bottomed Girl. While I’m sure the Fila people meant well when they created a pant that could shape the body and dramatically improvesworkout efficiency, all it does is make me feel like a chubby sausage girl who’s been stuffed into an unfortunate black tubing. I did not feel like the carefree lady to the left.

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The first time I wore the pants, I was on my darling period. OK, so not the perfect time to put on a tight pant. I get that. So I waited another week. The week where the bloat goes away and I don’t sneer at my belly bulge. STILL, the dang pant was squeezing off my will to live. The last time I checked, the path to body enlightenment couldn’t be found by squeezing my thighs into something until they cry out in pain.

I’m sorry, but I loathe tight pants that supposedly mold our bodies into a shape that doesn’t follow our natural one. I like to embrace my curves. Not hide the darn things! You can try to gently fix the pooch without squeezing it until it cries for mercy! While the material is quality, I’m not alone in my dislike of squeeze-wear. I’m not alone in my disgust either. Jenn reviewed a similar tight pant and questioned what we’re really shaping up.

I love being an FBG. I love working out to work things out. I love feeling fit. I don’t believe there’s one perfect size out there. There’s no ideal badunkadunk that we push the readers to squat for, and we definitely don’t embrace a pant meant to mold us into someone we, ourselves, don’t even want to be. Unfortunately, the new Fila pant gets two cheeks down from us.—Tish


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