Man's Viral Blackhead Removal Technique (Video)

An extremely explicit video (below) of a California man popping dozens of blackheads on his nose at once is making rounds online, sickening and amazing viewers at the same time.

Cable dispatcher Jacob Acosta, 23, from Los Angeles says he was growing increasingly frustrated with existing blackhead removal techniques he found on the internet, which advised people to pop them one by one, reports Lad Bible.

Determined to find a more efficient way, Acosta experimented and stumbled upon the surprisingly successful, but painful and disgusting, method he so craved.

"I was tired of poking the hell out of my nose and ended up pushing up against it with some force and a few of them had finally came out," he said. "So I decided to push with a bit more force and -- bam -- all the filaments started coming out."

Excited, he decided to share with the world his successful blackhead removal technique, reports the Daily Mail.

Acosta uploaded a video of himself quickly applying immense pressure on his nostrils, causing the contents of his pores to burst out.

When he proudly directly looks into the camera lens, the viewer is treated to a view of his nose completely covered in sebum.

Acosta believes the technique is particularly effective for him because he has a big nose.

"[Such a big nose provides] more surface area most likely means more pressure points to actually get all of the gunk out," he explained.

While Acosta is incredibly enthusiastic about this new method, he advises his audience to be careful as it can be painful, even leaving him feeling "as if I worked out my nose for a few days." It's also unlikely a dermatologist would recommend these types of methods, as it could cause lasting damage to the skin.

Consequently, Acosta only ever resorts to the unusual method every three months or so.

More than 1.9 million people have watched Acosta's technique on YouTube and have offered their own suggestions to improve it.

"You should do this at least once a month after a hot shower to keep your nose clean (and be more gentle)," wrote one YouTube user. "Do not use nose strips since they will peel the whole filament and not just the greasy content."

Some have even tried it.

"I broke my nose trying this," wrote one YouTube user.

Most have been disgusted by the video.

"How do I undo what I just watched?" wrote one user, echoing the sentiments of many.

"Wow," wrote one person on the Daily Mail's Facebook post about the video. "Just wow. Took one look at the pictures in the thumbnail and I'm instantly sick."

WARNING: This video contains graphic images.

Sources: Lad Bible, Daily Mail, YouTube/Jacob Acosta, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: Hotel Costa Calero/Flickr

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