Nose Job Leaves Man With Erection That Won't Stop (Photos)

Nose Job Leaves Man With Erection That Won't Stop (Photos) Promo Image

A Croatian stylist aiming for international stardom was left with an erection that wouldn't go away after a complication from a nose job.

Neven Ciganovic, 45, a stylist and plastic surgery enthusiast who stars in a documentary, found himself in an uncomfortable situation after a reaction to an anesthetic he was given during a nose job triggered a painful condition known as priapism, the Daily Mail reports.

"I was in Iran for rhinoplasty for the documentary film which is covering my life," said Ciganovic. "[During the surgery] I was given general anesthesia and I reacted badly to it."

The documentary crew recorded consultation sessions between Ciganovic and his doctor. During the surgery, which wasn't filmed, the stylist was diagnosed with priapism, a painful condition in which an erection lasts more than four hours.

Ciganovic went to a hospital in Belgrade, but said that doctors there wouldn't give him painkillers.

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"I've resided in Belgrade hospital since Friday," he said. "Unfortunately, I did not receive analgesics because they do not give them to patients here, so I continue to suffer. I have to be at the hospital for [five more days]."

Priapism is caused by abnormal blood flow, according to WebMD. The root causes of priapism can include sickle cell anemia, injuries, spider bites and scorpion stings, as well as reactions to medications.

The condition is treated with a variety of methods, including ice packs, draining the blood from the penis, use of medications and sometimes surgery.

Priapism can potentially cause permanent damage to the genitalia the longer it lasts, so it's important to seek treatment right away.

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Ciganovic said surgery eventually corrected the priapism, but he will still be recovering from the condition for a few months.

The reality TV personality has undergone over a dozen plastic surgery procedures in his quest for stardom, with his recent rhinoplasty being the latest.

"I'm looking forward to a movie about myself," said Ciganovic. "The film crew dedicated a whole episode about me. I think this is a big deal and I hope this is the start of my international career."

He is reported to be looking at other treatments, including one known as a "vampire facelift" where a patient's blood platelets are used as a filler for the skin.

"I often hear from people that I looked better before surgery," said Ciganovic of his critics. "It was a long time ago and I'm curious: who wouldn't look better if they are 20 years younger?"

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