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Northwestern Student Sues University After Sexual Harassment Complaint Ignored For Two Years

A student at Northwestern University is suing over ignored sexual harassment claims that she filed two years ago. The student alleges that philosophy professor Peter Ludlow got her drunk and brought her back to his apartment, where he touched her inappropriately when she was passed out.

In the suit, the student describes the incident as follows: in February 2012, she attended an art show with Ludlow in downtown Chicago. The professor bought her drinks and ignored her pleas to be taken home. He then brought her back to his apartment, where she passed out and woke up the next morning in his bed with his arms around her.

The student took the troubling incident to the university’s Director of Sexual Harassment Prevention, Joan Slavin. While Slavin agreed that Ludlow "engaged in unwelcome and inappropriate sexual advances," the lawsuit states there no "disciplinary and corrective actions" followed. The student continued to see the professor around campus.

"Northwestern ignored its own committee's decision and recommendation and continues to employ Ludlow as a professor," the suit states.

Furthermore, the student specifies suffering great emotional distress in the aftermath of the assault, according to the Daily Northwestern. Two days after waking up in her professor’s bed she attempted suicide.

The student has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and spent time in the hospital.

The student is suing the University for past and future medical bills, education expenses, reparation for emotional distress and remedial actions, to be resolved by trial by jury.

According to the Daily, Ludlow posted on Facebook in November that he would be leaving Northwestern for Rutgers.

Northwestern spokesman Bob Rowley said he had no information about that, issuing only the following statement: "We don't comment on pending litigation, but the University has policies and procedures in place to protect our students, and to address any such reported concerns."

Sources: NBC 5, Daily Northwestern


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