North Carolina Inmates Claim Prison Officials Forced Them to put Burning Hot Sauce on Testicles


Prison officials are calling for a criminal investigation after inmates at the Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina claimed that prison guards forced them to rub burning hot sauce on their genitals.

Six inmates from the Sampson Correctional Institution sent a hand-written letter to the U.S. District Court in Greensboro complaining that the correctional staff forced them to perform numerous degrading acts, including stripping nude, pretending to have sex, kissing wild snakes and throwing captured rabbits in to oncoming traffic, reports CBS Charlotte.

Prisoners who performed for the prison guards were rewarded with preferential work assignments, food, cigarettes and beer.

N.C. Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Pamela Walker told CBS Charlotte that one staff member at the prison has been reassigned, while another went on leave after the beginning of the internal investigation.

Walker said: “Upon review of an internal investigation, (the Division of Adult Correction) has referred the inmate allegations to the SBI for their review and any subsequent actions they deem appropriate. DAC considers the allegations to be serious and the alleged actions in violation of policy, which warrants further review by management.”


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