North Carolina Governor Vetoes Planned Parenthood Defunding


Governor Bev Perdue vetoed legislation that would have banned Planned Parenthood from receiving funding, a move that will now force the legislature to either sustain or override her veto.

Planned Parenthood responded:

"Planned Parenthood applauds Governor Perdue’s courageous decision to veto this budget. The budget proposal she rightly rejected today is bad for North Carolina’s women and families.  Slashing funding for vital healthcare services for low-income citizens and explicitly barring state funding for Planned Parenthood’s preventive healthcare and education programs undermines women’s health and lives and is unacceptable.     

Generations of women have relied on Planned Parenthood for birth control and cancer screenings. In fact, one woman in five has turned to our health centers for care at some point in her life.   

Attacking a respected provider of basic reproductive healthcare is bad policy and bad politics. 57% of North Carolinians support continued state funding for Planned Parenthood.  In recent weeks, over 17,000 North Carolinians have voiced their support of Planned Parenthood and have soundly rejected these extreme attacks.  Legislators should listen, and vote to sustain the Governor’s veto."

Still, the battle is not over.  The legislature needs 72 votes to override the Governor, and the bill passed with 73.  If the governor cannot convince at least two legislators to change their votes, the ban will be enacted anyway.


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