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Founders Noel and Amanda Biderman Defend Cheating Website AshleyMadison on 'The View'

“Life is short. Have an affair,” reads the tagline of the popular cheating website

The married couple who founded the website, however, claim that their mission is justified and satisfies a need in society. They even go so far as to claim the site is a “public service” — a line of reasoning uncannily similar to that of prostitution.

The $90 million website hosts 17 million adulterers looking for discreet, “on the side” encounters with someone other than their married partner. Despite the claims of the website, the founders Noel and Amanda Biderman claim that they’re monogamous.

"I would be devastated if (Noel cheated) on me," Amanda said. "But I would not blame a website. AshleyMadison is not creating cheaters. It is servicing a need out there. And unfortunately, it exists. It's sad."

Yet it appears she has no qualms with encouraging the practice. She has even appeared on billboard advertisements for the website, which services mostly women.

“[Cheating provides] people with an alternative to divorce,” Amanda said in an interview with “The View” on Monday. She failed to mention, on the other hand, that cheating is more a reason for divorce than an alternative to it.  

"They find themselves in a sexless marriage, they're caught between a rock and a hard place. For many, infidelity becomes that life preserver. It allows them to stay in a marriage, and focus on raising kids together, while pursuing something on the side,” Amanda said, as if the Band-Aid of infidelity could cure the organ failure of marital problems.

The interview also featured a few of the website’s billboards. One shows a photo of Newt Gingrich next to the words, “Faithful Republican… Unfaithful husband.” Mitt Romney also is featured on a billboard that reads, “If cheating on your taxes is OK, so is… AshleyMadison.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily News


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