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No More Celeb Post-Baby Swimsuit Pics... PLEASE!

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momlogic's Julie: In April, when Kourtney Kardashian posed in a BIKINI just weeks after giving birth, I wrote: "Do we really need to see how great these celebs look so we can feel even worse about our own selves? We don't have personal trainers, personal chefs, delivered food plans or Photoshop to make us bikini-ready just weeks after having a baby. But most of us can't help but compare ourselves to these 'perfect' new moms and feel lousy that we don't measure up."

I continued: "I've got to face facts: My thighs didn't look that great in a bikini BEFORE I got pregnant, and don't now, either. But that doesn't make me a bad person or a bad mom -- just a normal one. So I'll stick to my one-piece, snug my kiddos close and try not to compare myself to these celeb moms again. Until the next magazine cover comes along ...."

Well, the next magazine pic has come along! This time it's Bethenny Frankel in a plunging one-piece, posing for Us Magazine just THREE WEEKS after giving birth.

Is it just me ... or is the time between birth and these photo shoots getting shorter and shorter? Before you know it, celebs will be going straight from their hospital gowns to their bathing suits and having the photo shoot right there in the maternity ward!

Obviously, Bethenny has always been skinny, and she's a nutritionist to boot. But do we have to see her in a size 4 bathing suit before her kid has her one-month birthday? Really?

To add insult to injury, Frankel says she's lost 29 of the 35 pounds she gained during pregnancy "without dieting."

Is anyone else as sick of these photos as I am?


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