NJ Family Moving To Colorado To Get Liquid Marijuana For Sick Toddler


Brian and Meghan Wilson are finally giving up the battle to obtain medical marijuana for their 2-year-old daughter in New Jersey.

Saying goodbye to family and friends, they are moving Vivian, who suffers from a fatal form of epilepsy, to Colorado. They will also be leaving behind a renowned neurologist who’s an expert at treating Vivian’s illness.

The Wilsons have been fighting for the right to administer liquid marijuana, which they believe will stop her seizures.

While New Jersey began issuing medical marijuana cards in 2012, minors are not eligible.

“Please don’t let my daughter die,” Brian Wilson begged Gov. Chris Christie, (R) in August 2013.

Instead of giving minors approval for liquid marijuana, Christie gave New Jersey minor eligibility for edible marijuana – something state dispensaries don’t even offer.

For now, Christie says he’s “done expanding the medical marijuana law.”

"I’m not angry," Meghan Wilson told NJ.com as she stooped at Newark Liberty International Airport. "I’m just ready to start the next chapter. If we get medicine that helps Vivi, that’s great. Who the hell cares we had to move?"

Meghan, Vivian and her sister Adele, 4, will meet up with Brian, who already left for Denver by car last week.

Brian already bought Vivian’s medicine, a two-month supply of a liquified marijuana strain of concentrated Cannabidiol.

The dispensary where he bought the drug serves about 180 pediatric epilepsy patients. The Wilsons are now one of many “medical refugees” seeking this miracle-form of medical marijuana.

Sources: ThinkProgress, NJ.com


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