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Nine Years After Operation, Man Discovers Surgeons Left Scissors in His Stomach

A man from Bosnia and Herzegovina recently discovered the very sharp cause behind his years of agonizing stomach pains: doctors had accidentally left a pair of scissors in his stomach during an operation nine years earlier.

Alen Papac underwent routine surgery in 2003 to have a stomach ulcer removed.

After the surgery, Papac said he would “suffer from agonizing pains in my stomach for years after that.”

Papac went on to note that he “also had other health problems, which I now realize were related to the fact that I had a pair of scissors in my stomach.”

The 38-year-old man said that eventually, the pain became so extreme that he decided to go back to the hospital again, where they carried out an x-ray.

Papac said that medics were “shocked” to find the 12 centimeter scissors.

He then underwent another operation, this time to remove the scissors from his stomach. He went on to demand compensation from the hospital.

A court case has now been opened.

Sources: Metro, Descrier, Croatian Times

Photo Sources: Metro, Croatian Times


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